DIVA Project

Overview of DIVA

VHS under the Global Fund Round 9 programme is implementing the project titled “DIVA” in India (except North East) with the support of Save the Children International, Nepal. The project under the guidance of National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and in partnership with respective State AIDS Control Societies (SACS) aims to reduce the impact of HIV on Hijra (H) / Transgender (TG) population.

The major activities of DIVA project include sensitisation, capacity building, advocacy programmes & research activities.

Counting Achievements:
  • Contributed to the decline of HIV prevalence from 8.82% (2010-11) to 7.5% (2014-15, Source: Naco)
  • Ongoing Technical Assistance to 39 TG-H community led organizations
  • Capacitated 1931 staff engaged in HIV service delivery programmes
  • Training manuals and guidelines developed to support the TG H service delivery programmes
  • Declared April 15 as TG-H day in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Puduchery, Odisha and West Bengal
  • Nurturing TG-H Welfare Boards in 7 states and established in Chandigarh and Rajasthan
  • Secured various welfare schemes for TG-H communities under banking, insurance, education and employment opportunities
  • Partnerships with Government & Private Sector for livelihood programmes
  • Commissioned the TG-H Stigma Index Study in India
  • Desk review and operational study to improve the HIV Service Delivery Programme among TG-H people
  • Conducted Legal Gender Recognition Study for TG-H people in India
  • Participated in the Sexual violence Study among TG-H people in India commissioned by UNDP-APRC
Way Forward 2019:
  • Ongoing capacity building initiatives for TG-H CBOs and HIV programmes
  • Charting recommendations and strategies for NACO to be incorporated in the current HIV programmes for TG-H people
  • Continuous policy dialogue with community, Government and relevant stakeholders to establish welfare boards and secure equal opportunities for TG-H people
  • Identify more partnerships for income generation and livelihood opportunities for TG-H people
  • Document good practices, case studies, technical briefs and overall impact of the project